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people. the lights went out delaying the on-field action for about a half hour. vinita nair is in new orleans with more. good morning, vinita. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. from the unpress departmented black outat the super dome to the revealing black leather around lace dress by beyonce, the super dome had highlights. the 49ers took the field at the super dome in new orleans. it with us the harbaugh bowl. coach john harbaugh and his younger brother jim coaching san francisco. the ravens scored in the opening drive. cappian had a 13-yard touchdown to anquan boldin. michael james fumbled and it leads to this. new orleans native ed reed made his record time night postseason
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interception and with two minutes left flacco goes deep to jacoby jones who battles his way into the end zone. the ravens went to the locker room up. to many the game itself is just an appetizer to the star-studded halftime show. pop star beyonce rocking the super dome which had its own coming out seven years removed from the devastation of hurricane katrina. beyonce was joined on stage by her former group destiny's child. they have a new reunion ail bum and it was built as a surprise performance. jacoby jones takes the second half kick-off from 8 yards deep and ties the longest kick return in nfl history. with baltimore up 28-6 they would turn out the lights literally. the stadium went dark and when play resumed a half hour later
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the 49ers began a nearly historic comeback. kaepernick to crabtree for six and then frank gore around the right side leaving san francisco within eight. fourth quarter kaepernick takes it hits. the 49ers missed the two-point conversion. frank gore rumbles for the baltimore five. fourth in goal and the ravens' defense holds. baltimore wins 34-31. during the thrill of winning his first sproul ravens coach john harbaugh paid tribute to his little brother. >> how hard was it going against your little brother? >> it was really hard. the end of the game was the hardest experience. >> what did you say to him? >> i told him i love him. >> baltimore we're coming home baby. >> so what caused that 34 minutes of darkness? well, authorities are now saying there was an abnormality in the power system that forced a shutdown and then of course
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anne-marie it triggered some backup power 34 minutes later. >> indeed it was quite a game. thank you very much vinita nair in new orleans. well the super bowl game was the last game for baltimore ravens' ray lewis. he spent his entire 17-year career with the ravens. he retires with his second super bowl championship. >> i get to see a different side of life now, you know? my family and my sons and my
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jimmy lee dykes now an alleged murderer remained holed up with a 5-year-old he took. >> the flag-dragged coffin
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carrying the 66-year-old bus driver where family and friends gathered to say good-bye. he was shot several times and killed before the gunman abducted the 5-year-old boy from the bus hchl e's been holding the 5-year-old in a bunker since tuesday. an escort of buses followed him to his final resting place. the school superintendent read letters from the children who rode his bus. poland was also a sunday school teacher. a cousin told me poland and his wife loved being around children. >> he always loved kids. it's not surprising he did what he did. >> reporter: after poland laid to rest people gathered in the city for a prayer vigil.
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they've been coming here every night hoping the standoff ends peacefully. they continue to speak to him through a ventilation pipe. on sunday they used the pipe to deliver items that the boy requested includes cheez-its and red hotwheels cars. investigators say dykes is making the boy as comfortable as possible. they're not saying whether he's making any demands. now to the economy. and president obama says there's no doubt additional revenue is needed to bring down the deficit but believes it can be done without another tax hike. speaking to cbs news anchor scott pelley yesterday, the president said the u.s. can reduce its deficit by closing tax loopholes and making what he calls smart budget reductions. >> if you combine those things together, then we cannot only reduce our deficit, but we can continue to invest in things like education and research and development that are going to
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help us grow. >> well today the president travels to minneapolis where he'll push for proposals to gun control durs his visit. susan mcginnis is in washington. good morning. >> good morning. this will be the president's first trip outside washington to push his gun proposealsproposals. he's pushing for a big rally in support of this. in the meantime the senators are said to be preparing their own legislation very similar to the president's employee posal but conspicuously absent is the assault weapons ban. he takes his pitch for gun safety to minneapolis today. he wants congress to require universal background checks limit how many bullets gun clips can hold and pasban on assault weapons. but here in washington, much of the focus is on more limited legislation. >> i think that everyone acknowledges we should do something with background checks. >> not everyone. wayne lapierre head of the nra
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says the president's proposals won't stop gun crimes. >> it's a fraud to call it universal. it's never going to be universal. the criminals aren't going to comply with it. >> but mark kelly, husband of former congresswoman gabby giffords says they need to be extended to gun sales at private shows. >> since 1999 people were prevented from getting a gun because of a criminal record or history of mental illness. >> something even the senate's top democrats, majority leader harry reid has not endorsed. >> i did isn't vote for it last file because it didn't make sense but i'll take a look at it. >> kelly says they need to pass the ban. >> i spent 25 years in the military. i know the value of having an assault weapon. it's to kill a lot of people very quickly.
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they're way too readily available. >> lapierre says they're to help keep americans safe. despite the fact that polls show most nra members do not share that position. anne-marie? coming up on the "morning news" authorities search for answers in the shooting death of a news." sniper chris kyle. this is the cbs. parentheses have a place but not on your face. juvéderm® xc is the gel filler your doctor uses to instantly smooth out lines right here. temporary side effects include redness, pain, firmness, swelling bumps, or risk of infection. ask your doctor about juvéderm® xc. [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium, caltrate's
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locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. now...guaranteed. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. a birthday celebration turns scary on saturday. it was all caught on video. a family of four including a 7-month-old baby were flying over utah when the plane developed problems. a family friend announced they were going to ditch the plane in a snow-covered field. they did just that. they ended up upside-down. miraculously, no one was hurt. a former navy s.e.a.l. sniper who survived four
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tours in iraq and was nicknamed the devil of ramadi by his enemies was killed. christopher kyles and another man were shot dead at a shooting range in texas. >> reporter: chris kyles a former navy s.e.a.l. and author of the bestseller "american sniper" died at a shooting range in texas. police charged eddie routh with murder for shooting and killing kyles and another man. police say routh took them to a nearby range. he shot them with a semiautomatic handgun. he then escaped to his sister's house in kyle's pickup truck and confessed. the police arrested him a short time later. the u.s. military says routh was in the marines from 2006 to 2010.
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kyles was a navy s.e.a.l. sniper earning 14 different honors in his career including two silver stars. in january kyles published this book "american sniper." he describes killing more than 150 iraqi insurgents. he returned to texas in 2009 and start add charity that helps veterans struggling with physical and emotional disabilities. >> we kind of have an idea that maybe that's why they were at the range, for some type of therapy that mr. kyles assists people with. >> reporter: the organization's website posted a message that read rest in peace. routh is being held on $3 million bond. police say he has not given a motive for the shooting. tetiana anderson, cbs news. straight ahead, super sponsor. the game was great but as always the super bowl ads are generating talk today. coming up, we'll recap some of the commercials from last night. camera... work it! those hands. oooh la la! what's your secret? dawn? [ female announcer ] dawn hand renewal
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layers move with your body while thermocontrol wicks moisture away. keep moving. stayfree. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, partly sunny with a high of 31. miami, lots of sunshine, 74. chicago can expect snow. dallas, morning showers, 68 the high. lots of sunshine in los angeles, 72 the high. well, for many nonfootball fans, the super bowl is still a must-watch event for the commercials, of course. with tens of millions of attentive viewers, the game is a huge stage for advertisers.
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cbs's ""moneywatch"" ashley morrison -- ashley morrison rather is here in new york with more. >> good morning, anne-marie. with a going rate of $4 million for 30 seconds super bowl sponsors are spending big bucks to strike a chord with consumers. while there's always a clear winner of the game, it's harder to say which super bowl commercial came out on top, but this year one ad seems to be the runaway favorite. a one-minute spot telling the story of a budweiser clydesdale and his trainer. topped the cbs poll of favored commercials. anheuser-busch wasn't the only sponsor to tug at heartstrings. >> good looked down on his planned paradise and said i need a caretaker and so god made a farmer. >> reporter: chrysler paid tribute to america with this dodge ram by speaking of radio lend paul harvey.
4:17 am
>> you've been the reason we push on. >> reporter: and oprah winfrey lent her voice to this jeep spot honoring american servicemembers. there were of course, the commercials that went for the funny funny funnybone too. doritos scored with two ads submitted by fans including this one where a dad and his fans play dress-up in order to get a taste of his daughter's chips. action star dwayne "the rock" johnson started in this big budget commercial for milk. >> ladies, i've got to go to work. >> reporter: and from giggles to squirms offered a little too much information with this ad starring supermodel bar r ra rafaeli. well, if some of this year's ads looked a little familiar, it's because the overwhelming majority of sponsors released a preview of their commercials. that i say getting those advertisements out earlier boost their buzz.
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>> anne-marie, i liked a lot of them, but that godaddy commercial was too much for me. i walked past the tv and turned it down. >> my 7-year-old said, ew. >> i second that. thanks a lot. ashley morrison in new york this morning. when we return a shocking standoff. a man armed with knives outside buckingham palace is tasered as hundreds gather for the changing of the guards ceremony. e is tasered as hundreds gather for the changing of the guards ceremony. [ female announcer ] your smile. like other precious things that start off white it yellows over time. fact is when it comes to your smile,
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if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips go below the enamel surface to whiten as well as $500 professional treatments at a fraction of the cost. guaranteed, or your money back. crest. life opens up when you do. want a whiter smile today? try 2 hour express whitestrips. the 49ers fall to the ravens in super bowl 47. we've got your game highlights on - and off the field. plus: a disappointed city reacts. good behavior prevails... but that doesn't stop some in san francisco. and the good, the bad, and the ugly. we'll take a look at which super bowl commercials were fan favorites. join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's monday
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., a high of 34. atlanta, partly sunny, 55. st. louis, 49 the high there. partly sunny in denver mostly cloudy in seattle. former cuban dictator fidel castro made a rare public appearance on sunday. state-run tv showed the
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86-year-old casting his ballot in the cuban election. it was his first extended public appearance in three years. and a man armed with knives was tasered outside buckingham palace on sunday. the man had been holding one knife to his throat and another to his chest. the incident happened during the changing of the guards ceremony. the suspect's been charged with possession of weapons in public. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," highlights of last night's super bowl from the super dome. i'm anne-marie greerngs this is the "cbs morning news." highlights of last night's super bowl from the super dome. moisture is this light it floats. when hair is this hydrated, it flooows... introducing nexxus hydra-light: a higher standard in hair care that's full of moisture. free of heaviness. hydra-light's salon formulas with light, deep-sea minerals give up to 80% more moisturization that won't weigh hair down. for hair that captivatingly flows. new nexxus
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hydra-light. [ woman ] you'll never settle again. [ male announcer ] raise your standard. my name is matt sammon. i am a professional hockey announcer and broadcaster and i use h&r block at home. in the past, we had used another software but it was very complicated and very frustrating. we opened up another window on the same computer and started using h&r block's and it was much easier to use. there was no competition. every day i get to work with professional hockey players, and when i do my taxes i want to work with the professional tax software.
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new orleans, the host city of the super bowl brought a flavor all its own to the celebrations for the biggest sporting event of the year and its jazz tradition played a large role. michelle miller tells us about one musician who's been hitting all the right notes since he was a young boy.
4:24 am
♪ >> trombone shorty. >> reporter: troy andrews may never outgrow his childhood nickname. 20 years ago he was dubbed trombone shorty a trombone prodigy who led them at 5 years old with an instrument twice his size. >> and it was always heavy, so i was always leaning to the side. >> reporter: did it throw you off balance? >> yeah. i was heading up the street tilting over. >> reporter: andrews grew up in a tough neighborhood. when he was 10, an older brother was murdered. that's when several prominent residents decided andrews was one street kid who would not fall through the cracks. they got him into prestigious music schools, mentors sed him, kept him grounded. >> reporter: you often say and people often say the city raised you.
4:25 am
>> i had a whole city watch out for me. it's just a blessing that people cared that much and made sure i stayed on the right path. >> reporter: now 27 andrews performs 200 nights a year has grammy nomination. >> trombone shorty. >> reporter: an acting gig on hbo's "treme," and a white house performance that had everyone getting into the act. now andrews is playing it forward. ten of these anxious young musicians will be selected for the new trombone shorty music academy. >> just give me a vaaaa. >> reporter: in partnership with tulane university it will give kids intensive training, business skills, and career guidance. >> reporter: what would you think all of your mentors would say to you as they see you launch your foundation? >> i think they would tell me you're supposed to be doing this. this is what we've done for you. that's the way new orleans and the musicians and people pass
4:26 am
things down, and hopefully we can change someone's life or save a life. >> reporter: a kid named shorty standing tall in the big easy. michelle miller, cbs news, new orleans. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a wrap-up of the super bowl highlights. we'll get a look. a look at the super bowl commercials and cbs sports james brown takes us to new orleans' lower ninth ward nearly eight years after hurricane katrina. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac --
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. hi everyone and good morning, it is monday. it's february 4th, the day after the super bowl. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 4:30 here, and lawrence is dressed in blue. because you are blue. >> yes. it was kind of an exciting game at the end, but the beginning, i thought it was all over. >> so did i. i thought people were going to start leaving the stadium. you have to talk about weather, sadly. >> i want to be talking about the game, you know that. if you're headed out we have a lot of clouds, a lot of fog, and a threat of rain in the forecast. not today but i will tell you when coming up. and if you're coming into san francisco right now i want let you know they opened lanes
4:29 am
on northbound 101. still pretty slow in the area. >> we will chat with you? just a moment, but first we have to do it here, 4:30. it wasn't the end we hoped for, super bowl xlvii goes to the baltimore ravens last night. 3 point winners over our 49ers. >> reporter: the lights stole the show at super bowl when some of them suddenly went out. >> half the power in new orleans stadium, the super dome here is out. >> reporter: parts of the super dome plunged into darkness and for more than 30 minutes, players and fans waited for the power to come back on and the 3 3rd quarter to resume. >> it's a little crazy. hopefully this will be a new game for the 9ers. >> reporter: and it was. they took advantage of the extended break to launch a 2nd half come back, but the baltimore ravens managed to

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